Attorney Richard B. Geller

Attorney Richard B. Geller

Richard B. Geller is a well-seasoned attorney who has practiced law for over thirty years. He is Ivy League educated, having received his Bachelor's Degree from Cornell University and a Masters of Business Administration and Juris Doctorate from Columbia University in New York City.

Mr. Geller's successful legal career has included Assistant US Attorney (Criminal Litigation) for the United States Attorney's Office, San Francisco, California; General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Sandoz, LTD, an international pharmaceutical corporation based in Switzerland; Corporate Counsel for Digital Equipment Corporation, a national computer and software company; and Regional Counsel for the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), responsible for all legal activity and supervision of the ten districts and their respective district counsel which comprised region nine of the SBA. After graduating Columbia University School of Law, Mr. Geller began his legal career as trial attorney for the Public Defender's Office in Manhattan, New York.

Richard B. Geller is a member in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona and the State Bar of New York. He also practices in the Federal District/Trial Courts of Arizona, New York, California, and eight other states. He is admitted to practice in the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, which includes the Federal District/Trial Courts of Arizona, California, and the remaining states which are included in the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. Mr. Geller is also admitted to practice before the Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, which includes the Southern and Eastern Federal District/Trial Courts of New York State. Additionally, Mr. Geller is admitted to practice before The United States Supreme Court.

Richard B. Geller specializes in providing outstanding legal services in the following areas:

Criminal Defense (Federal Pima & Yuma Counties)

  • Federal and State Felony and Misdemeanor Cases
  • Municipal Court Criminal Cases
  • Felony and Misdemeanor DRUG & DUI Cases
  • Felony and Misdemeanor DUI Cases
  • US Border Patrol Checkpoint Stops
  • Juvenile Court Cases

Family Law (Pima County)

  • Divorce Representation, with or without minor children
  • Divorce Decree Modifications of any nature
  • Child Custody/Child Support/Spousal Maintenance
  • Guardianships
  • Child Protective Services
  • Orders of Protection
  • Military/Out-Of-State